Peer Learning Communities

Through Peer Learning Communities, we bring Board Members, Chairs, and charter school professionals together to discuss matters of mutual concern and share best practices.

We use a variety of learning strategies including case studies, role-playing, and discussions to engage members. Participants are highly encouraged to contribute their personal experiences to foster a group-learning environment.

We ask for your input to create agendas and facilitate sessions that maximize your time with your peers.

Charter school governance can be a complex and lonely place – and it’s critical that we get it right.  CharterSource provided the expertise, training, and peer support I needed to take our charter school board to the next level.  Their work is driven by a passion for high-quality education for all of our children and guided by a spirit of generosity and service.  I give them my highest recommendation.

Liz Coenen

Former Cornerstone Montessori Board Chair