We have compiled a list of resources and communications from government agencies and educational institutions in an effort to provide clarity and support during the evolving pandemic. We hope this helps you and your leadership team make informed decisions for your school community.

Instructional Resources

  • New Visions Public Schools are offering free teaching resources. https://curriculum.newvisions.org/  They have created an extensive Open Educational Resource (OER) collection of curriculum materials, arranged by courses across a wide range of content areas, that help teachers plan more effectively and improve student learning.
  • Special Education professionals, Creatively Focused, are offering free consulting/paraprofessional supports to assist during COVID-19 https://www.creativelyfocused.org/covid-19

Minnesota Resources

Governance Support

Minnesota Department of Education

Minnesota Department of Health  Resources

Center For Disease Control Guidances

US Department of Education Guidance and Communications Broad