Board Development Program

Our Continuous Improvement Approach

Boards play a critical role in school oversight but often struggle with gaining knowledge about how charter schools function and how to effectively govern and support school leadership. We are here to support you in the journey. 

With systemic continuous improvement as our guiding philosophy, we will conduct a comprehensive review of your governing structure and systems. Our team will provide an assessment with debriefing and implementation suggestions. If desired, we provide opportunities to engage with a dedicated coach throughout the implementation. This step-by-step process with proven tools will set you on the path for continuous improvement.


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  • Reviewing current systems and processes
  • Defining your objectives
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Framing the Work

  • Strategic alignment
  • School goals framework
  • Board goals and accountability
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Creating Systems

  • Performance review process
  • Succession planning
  • Elections & nomination Process
  • Board liaison & organization
Milestone Checks

Milestone Checks

  • Accountability review
  • Issue solving
  • Dashboard creation
  • Toolbox tools*
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  • Board management software
  • Board candidate bank
  • Monthly board chats
  • Board training webinar series
  • Resource library

Comprehensive Training + Frameworks

With the aid of comprehensive training and frameworks, we will guide you through streamlining governance in the following areas:

  • Bylaw and Structure Review
  • Board Alignment and Accountability
  • Framework for School Oversight
  • School Leadership Performance Review and Development
  • Board Chair and Leadership Succession Planning
  • Board Recruitment, Development, and Engagement
  • School and Board Dashboards to Track Progress

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