Summer Ops Institute from CharterSource

Operational effectiveness, efficiency and compliance is critical to the organizational sustainability that ensures the school is effective for delivering on student outcomes. Charter schools are complex organizations requiring careful operations and management aligned with state and federal regulations as well as the developmental stage of the school.

This is why it is critical that charter schools provide comprehensive and rigorous professional development for its operations professionals.

Whether launching the process with a diagnostic of back-office systems or attending a monthly operations leadership program, CharterSource has the in-depth expertise and team of professionals to help your operations professionals build strong systems. We will train business and operations managers, equipping them with the tools and resources they require to be competent, knowledgeable, and effective in their roles. Ultimately, efficient operational systems will impact effectiveness and move the organization forward.

Led by experts in operations and charter school oversight, the institute will be divided into two-part series of sessions. Part 1 will focus on systems thinking and leadership in operations. Part II will focus on special topics critical to charter school operations this year. Our group will be led by experts in operations and charter oversight spotlighting the following:

PART I (Virtual):

Systems Thinking for Charter School Operations

Session 1: Personal Effectiveness

Monday, June 21, 9-11AM

This session will walk operations professionals through how to effectively prioritize and manage the competing demands in operations management workflow. The goal is for operations professionals to leave the session organized and set up for success


Applying Systems Thinking to Technical Topics in Charter School Operations

Once a week in August, each of these sessions will be held the same day of the week for up to two hours each. Exact day and time will be announced closer to July 15 following feedback from registrants. Each weekly session will leverage the problem-solving framework from Session 3 coupled with expert knowledge presented on the weekly topic to facilitate customized problem solving for each registrant’s school setting.

Session 4:  Problem Solving – Enrollment and Admissions

The pandemic has brought changes which have affected recent charter school enrollment and admissions processes. This session will help problem solve this special post-pandemic situation.

Session 2: Systems Thinking and Building

Tuesday, June 22, 9-12 PM

This session will establish the components of a strong school operations system and give operations professionals a framework upon which to build and manage efficient and effective systems, both big and small, in the charter school. Stewarding your team, build team culture, leverage your role, and structures in place. This session is all about the school operations support “team”, keeping context in mind.  We will walk away with tools for building operations team culture and leveraging operations.

Session 5: Problem Solving for Academic Data and Student Information Systems

The school relies on school operations for all data!  In this session we will learn how to ensure data systems are structured to deliver on what the school most needs to ensure that students are counted, thriving, and succeeding; and the school has data it needs to stay solvent and compliant while demonstrating its responsibility to serve students effectively.

Session 3: Problem Solving: A case study in how to lead a school out of a pandemic state of operations

Thursday, June 24, 9 AM – 12 PM

The most recent pandemic has challenged schools nationwide in how they educate students. This session will use this critical challenge to share a problem-solving approach and framework that can be applied to other operations challenges. Together, operations professionals in this session will develop solutions and share best practices while creating a network of collegial relationships for future support. Participants will learn from each other and walk out with a plan to prepare for SY21-22.

Session 6: Problem Solving for Transportation

Conditions for school transportation have been changing rapidly for the past few years given the pandemic, labor shortages and economic fluctuations This session provides up-to-date information and systems tools for the coming school year.

Session 7: Problem Solving for Health and Safety

Operations personnel find themselves most responsible for changed the new health and safety discussions are more prevalent than ever and mostly fall to operations personnel to implement. This session provides up-to-date information and systems tools for the coming school year. Participants will learn the most up-to-date expectations.


  • Part 1: $890* per participant for the series OR $350 per participant If the school registers more than one participant for this part
  • Part II: $890 per participant for the series or $250 per registrant per session
  • Part I PLUS Part II Bundle*: $1675 per participant/$1500 per participant if the school registers more than one participant for this part

*PRICES BASED ON 6 Registrant Minimum.


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